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Wright State University Installs Electric Car Charging Stations

As you might be aware, electric cars are more popular in the United States than anywhere else in the world at present. This has once again been proven by the creation of new car charging stations at WSU. These stations will be available to visitors, staff members and students and is an indication of just how many electric cars are being sold in the US. Best of all, the charging stations offer up to four hours of free charging sessions for electric cars and hybrids.

wright state university electric car charging

Electric Car Charging Station at Wright State University. Image: Google UK

The assistant director of public relations, Jim Hannah, said it all began when Dayton Power & Light offered to pay for one charging station to be installed and a former professor from Sinclair Community College, Jim Halderman, donated another $10,000 for the installation and maintenance of the other.

Gas Guzzlers

Jeffrey John is a WSU professor and he was delighted to hear the news since he drives a Chevrolet Volt which is a hybrid that runs on battery for 40 miles before switching to a small gasoline engine. John said he was always behind the idea for a charging station at WSU even before he bought his electric car.

He believes it is a step in the right direction because it is an area where gas-guzzling vehicles are very popular. John pointed out that 20mpg gas hogs are heavily advertised in the region and make huge profits for car companies. Drivers of these vehicles mock those in electric cars and claim EVs are uncomfortable, unsafe and not powerful enough. John stated that he only needs to pay $10 for gas every four months and enjoys the quiet comfort his Volt gives him.

He also has little or no concerns about the new technology. Indeed, his main issue is the fact that other people on campus will be upset he gets free use of electricity and may demand that he offers some kind of payment which would be negligible. John said research indicates that electric generation costs less and pollutes less than the use of gasoline.

Not Free Forever

James Menart is the director of the renewable and clean energy Master’s degree program at WSU and he believes the cost of charging an electric car is reasonable. For example, it costs around $1.44 to fully charge the Nissan Leaf from zero power. He understands that WSU will be footing the bill and acknowledges the fact it is a good deal for electric car users. However, the charging stations may not be free for long if a number of cars make use of the service.

Currently, the demand for charging stations is relatively low in the area but the project could motivate more people to purchase electric cars. Menart said the whole idea behind these projects is to encourage the purchase of more EVs as consumers see how much money they can save in the long-term. He says the project will be a success if it coerces more people into buying electric cars.



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