We are a website dedicated to bringing you all the latest news and updates from the exciting world of electric cars. We are entering a new era where vehicles that produce immense levels of pollution will hopefully become a thing of the past. Within the last five years, we have seen a sharp increase in the amount of public interest in electric cars yet many people are unwilling to take the next step due to a lack of information.

Informative & Honest Content

The hallmark of Totally Electric Cars will be honest views and reviews on the latest electric car models to hit the market. We are a team of car enthusiasts and experts and are an independent organisation with no affiliation to any of the brands we highlight and review. We do not receive anything from these corporations nor do we have contact with them with regards to writing our reviews.

We will also look to bring you the latest news stories relating to electric cars. There is a lot of misinformation regarding this new form of transport and we hope to set things straight and show people what they are missing out on by ignoring the possibility of owning an electric car one day.

There are a lot of people within organisations who wish to see the electric car revolution fail and are publishing a lot of half-truths, hyperbole and downright lies as a means of getting their anti-EV point across. Suffice to say, these individuals will end up being very disappointed as the electric car industry picks up a full head of steam and sees its sales figures skyrocket.

Why Set Up The Site?

Every member of Totally Electric Cars is completely in love with the traditional car or at least we used to be. For many of us, cars are an obsession but we are also realistic about what vehicles powered by internal combustion engines are doing in terms of pollution. The level of carbon emissions we produce annually is unsustainable and without modes of transport like electric cars, the situation will only get worse.

Once upon a time, electric cars were seen as a joke because of their inability to travel more than 30-40 miles on a single charge along with dismal top speeds of around 35 mph. No one in their right mind would pay good money to drive a vehicle with those kinds of capabilities but thankfully, electric cars have evolved far beyond this point.

There are already EVs with the ability to go up to 200+ miles in a single charge and with technological advances in the pipeline, who knows just how far an electric car can take us? The top speeds of these vehicles are also high enough to allow you to cruise along motorways like everyone else.

Ultimately, the winds of change are among us and at Totally Electric Cars, we want to be on the ground floor when electric cars grab their deserved market share. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!