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Hybrid & Electric Cars On The Menu For Sussex Police

Sussex Police are hoping to take a giant leap forward in terms of becoming a police force that cares about the environment. It began by driving the Vauxhall Ampera Hybrid which will be tested for 4 weeks.

Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35. Image: Google UK

The Surrey and Sussex Police Driving School also plans to test drive the hydrogen powered Hyundai ix35 Hydrogen for a day. Hybrid cars use more than one means of propulsion such as an electric motor along with a normal diesel or petrol engine.

According to Dennis Ord, who was responsible for sourcing the vehicles for the drive school, the force is looking to reduce its carbon footprint and future proof its fleet of cars. He pointed out that the process of replacing old vehicles with fuel-efficient ones has been going for over a decade. At present, around 70% of the fleet is comprised of fuel-saving diesel vehicles.

Ord stated that the next step was to look towards daily use of low emissions vehicles such as hybrids and cars that run on hydrogen and electric power. He concluded by saying it was the first time the Sussex Police had ever looked at these new types of vehicles.



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