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1,000 New Electric Car Charging Points To Be Made Available In The Hague

1,000 new charging points for EVs will be installed in The Hague as part of a bid to increase the level of electric car driving in the city. Residents of the Dutch city have really taken to the electric car revolution as the number of people opting for these vehicles has increased 800% over the last few years. At present, there are approximately 1,500 electric cars being used in The Hague.

Tom de Bruijn of the Traffic and the Environment department said that the increase in electric transport is significantly larger than expected with new applications for charging stations regularly coming into the city. He is happy because electric cars are clean, boost the economy and keep the noise level down.

The Hague had charging stations installed for the first time in 2012 and there are 300 in the city at present. The municipality is hoping for the creation of a profitable public charging station network within the next few years. Plans include the installation of charging points at 1,000 different locations within The Hague, the addition of 600 public spaces, eight fast charging points and an additional 350 charging stations in parking garages and car parks.



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